10 Essentials college students should have in their wardrobe

Perfection is impossible but… you know what?! Hanging in your closet the following essentials will make you close to perfection in almost every situation.

Here, the 10 items (for Men) you need to dress well:

What do you need:

  1. Suit
  2. White Shirt
  3. Hoodie
  4. Stylish socks
  5. Tie (tricot)
  6. Underwear (a cool one) 
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren
  8. Clarks Originals 
  9. Hat
  10. All-the-situations Sweater

Why they work:

Ok, Mark Zuckerberg-look is the new black, and the suit doesn’t have the place in our closet that it once did. But still it is the best investment you could do. Perfect for a date, for a celebration and even just for a beer simply splitting the jacket and pants combining them with a jeans or an easy Oxford shirt.

What Marc would approve is a grey box hoodie. It can take you from a casual Friday at the office, to a run or a beer with friends. The grey box hoodie is probably your second best friend.

Plus, never undervalue the power of your ankles! A fashion pair of socks can “relax” a serious outfit or give a touch of uniqueness to a very simple one. Highlight your ankles, don’t be shy!

A crewneck sweater is that item that will save you always. The v-neck won’t. Use the crewneck sweater under the jacket of your favourite suit, or when wearing a cool-kid polo, with jeans, with any other kind of trousers and so on.

The point is: you can mix all this 10 items as you prefer and be always right and dressed well while respecting your personal style.

Disclaimer: if you already have these items in your closet, you just have to take others. You do not want to introduce you always dressed the same, right?