Build apps using the world’s #1 location platform!

Build apps using the world’s #1 location platform! image
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Publié le 26 Juin 2020

Here Technologies France

Here Technologies is a company that provides mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies. 

Here Developers is a cloud based environment for location-centric data exchange, a place dedicated to developers who want to make sense of the world through the lense of location. 

Whether you are working on or interested in quality of air, parking usage, live weather or vehicle sense data, Here developers platform is the solution to enhance the agility and scalability of your projects, using a consistent and periodically refreshed database of SDKs for Android and iOS and REST and Javascript APIs.

Within the platform you will be able to use various tools, including work on Here Studio, where you can upload spatial data or pick up from a variety of open datasets. Through customization and editing of the data, you can trasform your datasets into a live and interactive map.

What we love:

Quality: world’s number one location platform, According to Ovum’s most recent Location Platform Index.

Innovation: as well as investing €25 million into a dedicated AI research institute in Austria, HERE is broadening and deepening the use of AI across the company and investing in blockchain and new privacy-enhancing technologies, including in the area of consent management.

To sum up:

HERE Platform - Cloud based environments for location-centric data exchange and solution development.

You will love it because: easy access to location data and algorithms from a network of providers, easy way to build once and then operating at scale 

HERE Studio- You will love it because: is perfect to create custom web maps fast, without any coding. With HERE Studio you can create interactive maps faster uploading large datasets to the cloud and edit the data in real-time (or expand capabilities with tools like a CLI and API). Additionally it is Interoperable, you can use the native renderer or third-party options like Tangram.


In addition you can access to a neutral and secure marketplace with global presence and cross-industry data processing capacity, enabling fair and equal data access. All of it in a single workspace for a complete end-to-end development, deployment, life-cycle management and distribution of dynamic enhanced datasets.


A plan for every need:

Students- Students gain free access to sample map data for 13 locations globally, to be used for educational purposes.

Freemium - available without entering your payment information (until you exceed the allowable limits).

Data Hub Add-on - gives you all of Freemium plus additional entitlements and advanced features such as Schema Management, Rule based tagging, Activity Log, On demand indexing, Hexbin through CLI and Virtual Spaces.

Pro - provides a much larger bucket of Transactions and also includes the Data Hub Add-on entitlements plus access to Large-Scale Matrix Routing and Live Sense SDK.