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Backend Developer

Roma • Informatica e Tecnologia

At 2hire we are creating the next-generation platform to connect and control all vehicles remotely.
Build with us the necessary tools to develop, support, launch and scale sharing mobility services.
Already present in 3 continents, more than 15 countries and with thousands of vehicles in our platform, we are looking for a practical, bright, and trustworthy software engineer to join our team in the ongoing journey from a monolith to microservices at scale.



Connected vehicles platform and mobility services at scale
TypeScript, NodeJS, MySQL, AWS, but with an open mind
Company culture of continuous learning, direct feedback, accountability and trust
Work remotely or join us onsite in Rome or Milan


The Stack

Our stack is based on TypeScript on NodeJS, with MySQL for persistence and Redis as a cache and message bus. In some of the services we are working with DynamoDB and currently experimenting with the single-table design.

We have decent test coverage and no features go live without a code review. We appreciate linters and formatters. We also have legacy code, but we work hard to make consistent improvements.

All our services run on AWS. Most of them are on ECS Fargate, some are deployed as lambdas. We define our infrastructure as code using CDK and have pipelines for automatic deployments.

We monitor our services with care. We have centralized logging on StackDriver. We collect traces and errors on Elastic APM. We have metrics and alerts on Prometheus and Grafana.

Anyway we value the choice of the best tool for the job and your input is valued.


The Challenges

Our platform serves +1.5M users, in 3 continents, 15+ countries and 60+ cities. We've connected 15k+ vehicles and processed hundreds of millions of events per month. It's not at planet scale (yet), but it's enough to learn a thing or two about high availability.

We serve many mobility services with different requirements and preferences. So we must prioritize the most valuable features and keep our platform fully configurable.

We work with many types of vehicles, like cars, mopeds, scooters, and bikes. We interact with some of them through REST APIs and webhooks, with others we talk directly over TCP with bespoke protocols.

Aside from the technical challenges, we are a fast growing company and we work hard to build a great company culture and adopt development processes that fit us.

Help us scale services and teams to the next 10X milestone and beyond.


What we expect from you

Balance is the key. We are looking for a good mix of technical and interpersonal skills. We appreciate attention to the details, but also pragmatism.

We expect you to be passionate and take pride in your work. You should be ready to receive and give direct feedback. You should be accustomed to continuously learning.

We want you to take an active part in improving our products, from the identification of the needs, to the design, planning, and implementation.

We don’t require you to have previous experience with our stack, but you should have a track record that makes it reasonable to believe you’ll catch up and you’ll bring value to the team.

You should have at least an intermediate English proficiency to communicate with international partners and customers.


What you can expect from us

We are a team of talented and motivated individuals ready to work together towards personal and company goals. We are welcoming and friendly, so you'll often find the chance to build meaningful bonds during the breaks, company retreats, and outside the office walls. We are food lovers and there isn't a week that goes by without some treats at the office.

Your effort will have a direct impact on the company growth and the customer experience. Your ideas will be valued and any issue will be heard by the team and in 1:1 meetings. We'll be happy to invest in your growth through mentoring, learning materials, and by giving you the chance to make your own mistakes.

We are building a culture of accountability and trust. You’ll have room for initiative, but all achievements or failures are shared as a team.