Graduate Program

LIFT Program – Leaders’ International Fast Track Program

Stezzano • Altri

The LIFT Program – Leaders’ International Fast Track Program - is aimed at feeding Brembo's Global Talent Portfolio and fostering our future generation of Global Leaders by attracting, onboarding and developing young talented people through inter-functional and international challenging experiences ensuring business continuity on Group's key positions as well as the company's competitiveness over time.


All this will be enabled through the following key success factors:

- Structured Onboarding Program

- Accelerated growth path

- Regular check-ins


The Program lasts 27 months and includes 3 rotations, at least 1 rotation abroad, within and across functions at global level in an accelerated learning environment. This includes extended exposure to senior leaders, formal and on the job training and professional development.

At the end of this journey participants will be ready to fill their landing positions at Brembo Group as a result of a constructive  dialogue between them and the company.


We are looking for brilliant newly EU graduates with a five years’ Master of Science degree in the following faculties:

- Engineering: Aeronautical, Aerospace, Automation, Chemical, Electronics, Information Technology, Management, Materials and Nanotechnology, Mathematical, Mechanical, Mechatronics

- Computer Science

- Mathematics, Statistics, Big data

- Physics

- Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing

We will also consider candidates with a Master of Science degree in the above courses and up to 12 months’ work experience.

Other requirements are:

- European Union citizenship

- Excellent university background

- Master of Science graduation by May 2022 (Bachelor of Science degree alone is not accepted)

- English knowledge B2 and more

- Italian knowledge is a plus

- Availability for international mobility


Hiring date: May, 2nd 2022

Hiring location (initial) Stezzano – Bergamo (IT)


The deadline to submit your application is February, 6th 2022


Recruiting and Selection process will start in January 2022, apply a funnel model and conclude in March 2022.​​


The company, which will directly take care of the selection process and communications with candidates, guarantees the processing of data in accordance with European Regulation no. 2016/679. A reply will be given only to candidates considered of interest. Brembo is an equal opportunity employer.

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