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Pubblicato il 22 Dicembre 2017


Join the HaFa challenge 2017/2018 for Engineering. 

Innovate in the hankies and facials sector!

The HaFa Challenge

Disposable hankies and facials are an essential part of a consumer’s life. However, the packs have remained largely unchanged for years and the main issue for consumers is the thickness of the pack, especially when they put it in the trouser pocket.

Here comes the challenge:

“How would you change the folding or the packaging to solve the thickness problem?”

The solution should be commercially viable, scalable and build long-term value for the brand.

Have a solution?

Build a team (1-3 team members recommended) and submit your idea online before April 30, 2018

To register your team and find out more information go to

Teams get direct access to an industry expert mentor. 

Prove you have the skills to meet the challenge, get a chance to engage with industry experts and have fun in the process.


We are looking forward to your ideas!