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5 Maggio 2021

Challenge E-Startup | Sustainable Development Goals in Pills


Startup E-Challenge is the challenge designed for university students and young graduates who want to test their skills in respect to one of the most important topics of our times: sustainable development. Working individually or in a team of max. 3 people, you will have the chance to propose your idea for an innovative startup that will help communities to build a more sustainable future. 


The speakers will introduce the participants to the conceptual foundations of the Startup E-Challenge, namely the Sustainable Development Goals. A thourough explanation of the rationale and the implications of Goals 7, 9 and 11, to grasp the fundamental aspects in order to elaborate better projects.



Francesco Grimaccia --> Associate Professor @ PoliMi

Associate professor at Polimi (Energy Department), holds  the Application of Electrical Energy course for Management Engineering students. During this course he brings various guests from Enel to Ubs, fostering curiosity and bridging the gap between students and enterprises.


Gabriele Masera -->CEO & Co-Founder @ FlexiDAO

Full time professor and deputy dean of the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction engineering, Prof. Masera’s research and teaching activities focus on innovation of construction techniques and on their relationship with sustainable architecture and users’ comfort. With several book contributions and papers, he has supervised over 170 master’s thesis works and has been a juror in several competitions and awards about sustainable architecture and technology.


Simone Accornero --> Professor and Deputy Dean @ PoliMi

FlexiDAO CEO & Co-founder: Smart Energy Entrepreneur, Research Engineer and recipient of EIT EU 2018 CHANGE Award. Double MSc at KU Leuven and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Expertise in energy management consultancy, wholesale and local electricity markets, smart distribution systems and blockchain applications for energy sector.



The webinar will take place on Wednesday 5th May 2021, at 18:00.


Ogni giorno in tutored lavoriamo per supportare gli studenti e i neolaureati ad orientarsi nel mondo del lavoro attraverso webinar, approfondimenti e molto altro. Registrati a tutored per partecipare alle iniziative e rimanere aggiornato su tutte le attività.

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