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10 Maggio 2021

Challenge E-Startup | Business Model Canvas: from Zero to Hero


Startup E-Challenge is the challenge designed for university students and young graduates who want to test their skills in respect to one of the most important topics of our times: sustainable development. Working individually or in a team of max. 3 people, you will have the chance to propose your idea for an innovative startup that will help communities to build a more sustainable future. 


The business model canvas is the document where you will outline your entrepreneurial idea. Along with the experts from PoliMi Innovation Park and PoliHub, we will learn all the secrets to outline a business model that works. In particular, we will go through all the elements that a business model shall include and the common mistakes that young entrepreneurs should avoid.



Stefano Mizio --> Head of Startup Acceleration Program @ POLIHUB

after working for big corporates like Vodafone and Omnitel, he got engaged in the startup world and worked as a business development and technology scout in Silicon Valley. Today he is the Head of Startup Acceleration Programs at Polihub and International Projects such as Deep Tech Alliance, China TusStar incubator, Emerging African Innovation Leaders. He is passionate about the connection between entrepreneurial and academic world and he is a teacher of Entrepreneurship Innovation & Startup course at MIP School of Management as well as a lecturer at Alta Scuola Politecnica.



The webinar will take place on Monday 10th May 2021, at 18:00.


Ogni giorno in tutored lavoriamo per supportare gli studenti e i neolaureati ad orientarsi nel mondo del lavoro attraverso webinar, approfondimenti e molto altro. Registrati a tutored per partecipare alle iniziative e rimanere aggiornato su tutte le attività.

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