Entry Level - Passive Safety Component specialist

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Posizione con contratto di assunzione per neolaureati in Ingegneria Elettronica con almeno un'esperienza di stage presso un'azienda.


Passive Safety Component specialist

The candidate will lead the technical development of Passive Safety components (ECU and sensors)
ensuring the respect of technical deliverables at the planned project milestones.
Main tasks and deliverables:

● Release of Component Technical Specification
● Prepare source package and manage sourcing from technical standpoint evaluating
suppliers proposals
● Manage component development plan identifying effective countermeasures in case of
issues and delays
● Perform impact analysis/risk assessment for program content/timing updates/changes
● Lead coordination meetings with suppliers to verify activities progress
● Define validation plan at component level (Environmental, EMC tests, etc)
● Monitor HW/SW validation activities and the related Open Point/Bug-Fixes
● Release End Of Line requirements for plant operations
● Manage Quality issues
● Define installation specifications and support installation study
● Lead/support definition of standardization plans
● Ensure alignment to competitors through continuous benchmarking analysis, especially
for technological / installation aspects
● Ensure Regulatory compliance at component level in all markets
● Coordinate cyber security requirements definition at component level
● Lead the implementation of cost and weight reduction proposals



●     Master degree in Electronics Engineering, graduated in 2018 or latest February/March 2019.

●     A must is to have some experience as an internship in a structured company

●     Project Management skills

●     Good problem solving skills

●     Ability to work as a team member and confidently alone. Reliable under pressure.

●     Excellent communication, strong leadership, interpersonal skills

●     Fluency in English

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