SCA Offers “Life-Inspiring” Internships

SCA is now regularly offering internships to university students globally. The new initiative, Life Inspiring Internships, will be offered in a wide variety of areas, such as sales, marketing, controlling and manufacturing. Students will be supported by great professionals, passionate about what they are doing

The internships are open for all university students, especially those who are in the final stage of their studies. Life Inspiring Internships will be offered at a minimum of ten weeks with no fixed upper time limit, with the opportunity for students to write their master’s theses during their internships.   

 Doriana Gardini, HR Director Management & Organizational Development, says: “Life Inspiring Internships is an opportunity for students to feel the spirit of an international company while working on real projects that matter.”




 “We hope the Life Inspiring Internships will be a challenging journey for the  students, and with the help of SCA professionals these internships will contribute to building a foundation for a bright future, both for the students and us.”

For SCA, the announcement of the Life Inspiring Internships is an exciting way to keep up with industry trends and to connect with people soon to be entering the workforce. By promoting SCA’s name among students the company hopes to be able to attract the best talents on the market. An internship is also an excellent opportunity for SCA to get in touch with individual students and observe them in a real work environment.

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