Essity: Where a Trainee can build the culture of Safety

When you enter in one of the Essity's mills, you immediately understand how much the safety matters for the company, because everyone is aware that we are all responsible for it.

That thanks to one of the most efficient EHS Departments in the industrial world, which has shared information with the colleagues, developed advanced systems and designed new methodologies, for projects and people both. And everything has been possible with the precious contribution of the interns also.

With Essity, interns have a protagonist role, because they work on their own target, fully independently. They have to develop their internal network, to interact with the operators and always to start from the technical data, following challenging projects.

For instance, we have ongoing projects which aim to isolate the dangerous energies within the plants, and the trainee always interacts with the technicians of the paper making, as point of contact with the international corporate function accountable for safety.

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