What does it mean working in the legal sector at UniCredit?

At UniCredit Careers, we search for people who share our values, with a strong sense of initiative, who know how to take responsibility and believe in the importance of working together.

Our objective is to find, recruit and train qualified staff, enhancing their skills and experience to support them in their professional development. 

Whether you are a student or a recent graduate interested in our group we offer multiple job opportunities in different sectors, but we are well aware that when you are young deciding which opportunity suits you best can be hard.

Listen to the voice of our managers and talents who tell us about their job in UniCredit through a video-selfie and find out which job inspires you!


Working in Group Legal at Unicredit means providing legal advise as to Non Performing Exposures disposal process, M&A transactions, restructuring deals and regulatory matters.
You will play at the same in time in offense and defence, helping you colleagues in winning the deal and driving the conversation to make it interest for the Unicredit shareholders.

To find out more about this job watch the video --> https://youtu.be/kUCrT_qeCE4



Working in Group Tax Affairs in Unicredit means advising the internal clients of the bank on the tax aspect of strategic projects.
You will be involved before any strategic decision is taken.

To find out more about this job watch the video --> https://youtu.be/m4BdwInZt0Q



Working in Group Gompliance at Unicredit means proctecting the stackholders in preventing and mitigating risks.
You will liaise with different colleagues from different countries sharing best practices, knowledge and opinions.

To find out more about this job watch the video --> https://youtu.be/xnHcrEYXoSI


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