Essity Careers in focus: Simon Johnson Site Infrastructure Manager

Simon, recent new entry in the Essity team, has already been part of some large and important projects. Read the interview to know more about him!

What's your background? 

Simon: Engineering and Paper industry all the way! Instrument/Electrical apprenticeship in Newsprint, Process engineering and Engineering management with fabric production (wires) and now here at Essity.

What does it mean working as Site Infrastructure Manager?

Simon:  My role is to support engineering project work and to ensure the site’s buildings and services remain in good order. What’s most rewarding for me is the range of work I’m involved with, from civil engineering projec to material and energy saving projects and production capacity upgrades, all in the same week!

To give us an idea, can you give a look at an average workday?

Simon: My day is split between focusing on the immediate and planning for the long term. The team might be organising maintenance on the air handling units or responding to lighting issues while in the same day preparing a request to replace these systems entirely.

We always have work ongoing at various stages of the project cycle and my day is about supporting this work – whatever the timescale!

If you could give any advice to anyone looking to work at Essity what would it be?

Simon: I would say there will be challenges, you have to invest fully into any role you take, if you do take the plunge the benefits can be huge for you. It’s a great company to work for, with a supportive and positive culture.

We seem to be a ‘can do’ company with an abundance of skills and knowledge and a commitment to improving ourselves. 

To read the full interview and learn more about our culture and our entry roles visit our Career Stories Page!

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