Essity Careers in focus: Osmar  Garci, Essity GO! Graduate Program

Osmar is one of our great GO! Graduate. Read the interviews to hear more about his experiences as a GO! Graduate and reflect on his career journey so far.

Where and what did you study? 

Monterrey Institute of Technology, International Affairs.

After two years into your GO! Program, what can you tell us about the program and the projects you have developed?  

Osmar: A part of my Graduate Program is that I get to spend time in a few different departments before deciding to specialize in an area. I have been in three different projects so far. The first was Marketing with TENA, in which I oversaw projects such as the Pants Latam Strategy. My second was as Sales Assistant in which I was leader of two projects. Nowadays, in my third , I am a project leader for the Key Performance Project of Customer Service. I have had the opportunity to lead projects of high impact for the company and the level of exposure we have with the leaders of the company is really enriching; the independence you have to propose new ideas is priceless. 

How would you describe your co-workers and the company culture?   

Osmar: Everybody always seems happy to help each other. There is real passion and energy that they put into what they do every day.   In Essity I found a strong connection between their values and the culture. I never thought a company the size of Essity could have such a strong foundation in employee culture.  

I also got the opportunity to meet and speak with Magnus Groth (Essity’s President & CEO), this gave me confidence and really helped me identify both personal and professional qualities a good leader has.  

Three words to describe your experience thus far in the Essity GO! Graduate Program? 

Osmar: Challenging, enriching, holistic. 


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