Why ESCP Europe?

 We asked it to Annabel, a 20-year-old Bachelor in Management student at ESCP Europe. She spent her first year in London, the second one in Turin and in September she is going to study at the Berlin ESCP Europe Campus.
Annabel is currently carrying out her first internship required by her study plan at tutored as Jr Marketing Executive for the French Market.

Why did you choose ESCP Europe?

After High School, I wanted to study management abroad. First, I was looking for an English University but then I found out about ESCP Europe and the Bachelor in Management. What inspired me the most is the “3 years in 3 different countries” experience. Furthermore, ESCP Europe is a school recognized for its high level education and this confirmed my decision to apply for the bachelor. Today I am glad I have made this decision and this international environment is the best thing that happened to me.


Every year you must change Campus (and Country), how do you live this experience?

This is the best and most exciting experience that can happen to anyone. You get to know 3 different cities, 3 different cultures and 3 different languages and it permits you to grow so much. It changed my life and for the best! Today, I have new values and my mindset has definitely changed and I am really proud of it. I have spent my first year in London and the second one in Turin and both cities feel like home now. I know it will be the same with Berlin next year. This experience teaches you to adapt and be flexible.


How are classes and exams organized?

The classes are organized in order that you develop specific skills. For example, in each course we have “group projects” which teach you team work and oral skills. You have to work with people from different cultures and then present this project in front of the class. I think that it is really important and it will help me a lot in my future career.

Concerning the exams, we have 2 terms with exams every 7 weeks: the mid-term exams and the final exams. Most of them ask to write short essays so you will also develop writing skills.

Apart from that, we have many opportunities to make a first step in the business world. Some events are organized for us where CEO of big companies come to talk about their jobs. Last year in Turin, we also had a Collective Project and we had the chance to work with a Startup all year long.


Would you recommend ESCP Europe?

Of course I recommend ESCP Europe! It is an amazing opportunity and if you are lucky enough to live it, you should definitely do it. It changed my life forever and for the best. I believe that studying abroad and leaving my comfort zone made me a better person.


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