Improve Data Value for Restaurants and Join the Essity University Challenge

The restaurant business is very competitive and success is based on the ability to adapt to an ever changing situation. We believe there is value in providing restaurant owners with new, IoT (Internet of things) based tools that enable them to improve efficiency and/or the guest experience.


And here comes your challenge: 

"Identify an area connected to the use of Tork products in a restaurant environment where the use of new ways of capturing data or connectivity would improve the value for restaurant owners. Develop a technical solution for  how this would be done that consists of both a (new) product and a way to use data."

The solution should be commercially viable, scalable and build equity for the Essity Tork brand.


How you can join the challenge:

  • Build a team (1-3 team members recommended) and submit your idea online before March 31, 2019
  • To register your team and find out more information go to the platform
  • With your team you can get direct access to industry mentors


And now have fun! We are looking forward to your ideas!


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